BC Bonacure Technology

Make Way for Advanced Haircare from Skincare-Inspired Technology

Coming from a heritage of 120 years of breakthrough technologies in haircare, Schwarzkopf Professional brings you the latest regime that draws from advanced technology for simple, beautiful hair: New BC Bonacure.

At the heart of every BC Bonacure product, our patented Cell Perfector Technology is still working its magic to fully replenish damaged hair cells – meaning you can enjoy incredible hair quality that’s closer than ever to natural perfection…

But what makes new BC Bonacure different? Within the latest range, we have taken inspiration from your favourite skincare technologies to create a customisable regime that’s just right for your hair and makes you feel fantastic!

Breakthrough Micellar Technology

A hero in many skincare products, it’s no surprise that our BC Shampoos and Cleansing Conditioners are supported by Micellar Technology. Providing a gentle, yet effective, cleansing experience without stripping away moisture, Micellar Technology works by clustering the residue, oil and impurities on the hair before cleansing it, leaving it clean and smooth.


When hair is subjected to chemical processes, heat and UV-rays, the cuticle becomes brittle or can even disappear, leaving the hair fiber open, unprotected and damaged. When we think of Peptides, we think of flawless, age-defying skin… and it’s this regenerating effect that we have captured in the BC Peptide Repair Rescue formulation. Peptides work to repair hair damage and prevent future harm by creating a protective shield around the hair structure. As a result, hair is instantly and visibly repaired, strengthened, full of movement, with incredible shine and softness.

pH 4.5

It’s a common ‘Beauty 101’ that keeping our skin at a balanced pH level is essential to retain a healthy glow. As important as it is to treat the skin with suitable pH balancing products, research has found that the longevity of hair colour can be vastly improved when hair is also kept at an optimal pH level. Used in the BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze range, the pH 4.5 helps to strengthen the hair structure and not only seals the surface of coloured hair, but also freezes colour pigments inside the hair matrix to ensure zero colour fade between appointments.

Hyaluronic Acid Derivate

Famous for its outstanding moisturizing properties in skincare products, Hyaluronic Acid Derivate is renowned for providing long-lasting moisture and suppleness to dry and tired skin. And now hair no longer has to miss out! BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick formulas are developed to revitalize thirsty hair by delivering essential moisture, leaving it nourished, supple and soft, with improved elasticity and a natural shine.


Responsible for skin’s elasticity, shape and strength, Collagen is the key protein in the make-up of your skin – it’s what gives you that fresh, youthful look! When added to BC Collagen Volume Boost formulations as a natural derivative, Collagen weightlessly strengthens the hair, providing lasting fullness, volume and bounce for a renewed youthful appearance.


Keratin proteins are the building blocks of cells – they make sure cells function as they should and protect them from damage and stress – it is therefore no wonder that Keratin is used so widely in skincare products! Now brought to you in BC Keratin Smooth Perfect formulations, Keratin nourishes coarse, thick and frizzy hair, making it manageable, smooth and shiny. Deposited on the rough parts of the hair, Keratin smooths the surface and seals in nourishing care agents, shielding the hair strand from heat styling damage and humidity.


Q10 is known as THE must-have skincare ingredient in the fight against ageing. But it’s not limited to revitalizing just the skin – in haircare, it reactivates Keratin production in the hair bulb, for a rejuvenated, restored, plumped-up effect. Our outstanding BC Q10+ Time Restore formulation combines Q10 with Nutrifiller Technology to immediately erase visible signs of ageing, whilst stimulating the hair’s natural keratin production.

Unique to each sub-range, the inclusion of the best, proven skincare technologies means that there is an ideal BC Bonacure range to suit every hair type. Find out which one fits your every need by booking a consultation with one of our salon experts… Or why not discover the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expert tool, which will guide you through the consultation process for a tailored diagnosis – recommending the bespoke range to suit your hair type.