BC Influencers

Be Inspired by Our BC Beauties

In recent years, digital influencers have taken the hair and beauty industry by storm. Sharing their honest views on beauty, updating followers with long-term product results, and providing motivation and inspiration across the world, they still manage to be relatable and reachable to their audience.

To support the launch of new BC Bonacure, we have enlisted the help of four influential social stars to get their thoughts on everything from what beauty means to them, to how they go about boosting their confidence when in the public eye. And who better to put our latest innovation through its paces than real women, with real hair dilemmas?

Alexandra Pereira

Whilst she pursued her career in Law, in 2009, Alexandra started her ‘Lovely Pepa’ blog… and the rest is history, as they say! Giving her own, unique perspective on all things fashion and lifestyle, she rapidly grew to become one of Spain’s most popular social media influencers, with over 1.5m followers on Instagram. Alexandra has carved herself a niche in the blogging world, being original yet relatable, and showcasing her innovative style whilst helping others to feel great about themselves.

Caroline Silta

Caroline is a model from America, currently living in New York City. Well known in the modelling world for her striking looks and vibrant red hair, Caroline is a keen promoter of self-confidence, authenticity and being 100% herself! Having featured in global campaigns for many big-name brands, Caroline boasts a growing Instagram following of 23k.

Jüli Mery

The youngest of our BC influencer team, Jüli currently lives in Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2015, Jüli participated in Germany’s Next Top Model, making a particular impact on host and judge, Heidi Klum. With over 520k followers on Instagram, Jüli continues to promote her love for a healthy lifestyle, travelling and experiencing different cultures, with exercise routine tutorials, journey updates and behind-the-scene photoshoots.