Confidence and Beauty

Feel Beautiful Inside and Out with Our 10 Confidence Boosting Tips

At Schwarzkopf Professional, we believe that beauty is a feeling, beauty is real, beauty is simple, beauty is confidence. We #BelieveinConfidence.


But what does confidence mean to you?


For some people, it’s about being fearless when choosing what to wear. For others, it’s about trailblazing in their career. And sometimes, it’s just about living your life, exactly the way you want to. At Schwarzkopf Professional, we believe in the power of confidence. We’re confident in the strength of the hairdresser and client relationship, that you get the best service possible during every salon visit, and we’re confident that you will always leave your appointment looking, and feeling, beautiful. After all, when your hair looks great, you feel great!


With the launch of new BC Bonacure, we bring you our top 10 tips for a quick confidence boost to make you feel truly beautiful, inside and out!

Get moving

Find an uplifting new workout that allows you to de-stress, burn off some steam, and get a sweat on; even better, take it outside to reconnect with nature. Exercise is renowned for releasing Serotonin, the happy hormone, helping to regulate your mood and give you a much-needed pick-me-up!

Fill your life with positivity

Trade-in negative relationships and surround yourself with those you love and who make you feel amazing. Why not take the opportunity to have a social spring clean – unfollow those who don’t contribute to your positive well-being and fill your social streams with inspiring people – to start, check out our team of BC Influencers, @lovelypepa, @juelimery, @skopljak and @carolinesilta.

Keep an eye on your body language

Standing tall is proven to trick your brain into feeling more confident. So, stand upright, hold your head high and fake it ‘til you make it.

Make someone else’s day

Be grateful, thank someone, pay them a compliment or offer them a helping hand. Having a positive effect on someone else’s day will give you the ultimate boost.

Rock your wardrobe

Step out of the shadows and express your unique personality in the clothes you wear. Choose colours that compliment your skin tone and make your hair pop! Don’t be scared to make a statement and experiment – show the world your take on the latest fashion trend.

Remember beauty is not perfect

Stop seeking perfection – it doesn’t exist in beauty! Embrace the imperfections that make you exceptional. Rather than discussing flaws with friends, try taking it in turns to say what you love about yourself, and each other.

Don’t compare

The beauty industry bombards us with an idealised image of how we ‘should’ look, however with such impossible standards to meet, it’s difficult to not get disheartened. Rise above the pressure and take on an ‘equality mentality’ – be proud of your uniqueness and never apologise for being yourself!

Try something new

Push your boundaries and do something everyday that takes you outside your comfort zone. Congratulate yourself for your accomplishments, however small – for a regular reminder that you’re making progress, set yourself mini goals that add up to a bigger ambition.

Care for yourself

Undo stress and restore confidence by taking the time to care for yourself. Leave your phone in another room or set it to airplane mode, take in what’s going on around you in the real world. A few minutes of meditation is proven to make you feel better and improve focus – try an app like Calm or Headspace for a guided meditation. Take time out to do something you really love, whether that’s painting, reading or treating yourself to an indulgent hair mask and blow-dry… nothing beats that salon-fresh feeling!

Remind yourself of how beautiful you are!

Give yourself a daily pep-talk to remind yourself of how fabulous you are. Save up compliments for a rainy day – store them in your phone or diary to reread when you need a lift.

We’d love to hear if you have any more go-to techniques to give you an instant confidence boost. Share them with us at @SchwarzkopfPro and remember to use the hashtag #BELIEVEINCONFIDENCE!