On a mission for the perfect hair

One year with Schwarzkopf Professional

Since the start of my blogging career (9 years ago), I’ve always dreamt of being the face of a haircare campaign with a renowned brand. Still the proposals I kept receiving failed to meet my expectations either because the content to be produced didn’t feel candid or because I was unconvinced by the products themselves.

This all changed in November 2017 when I was contacted by Schwarzkopf Professional. They wanted me to be one of the faces associated with the re-launch of their BC Bonacure line. Needless to say that I was immediately sold on the idea because of the brand’s positioning as well as the campaign´s message: Believe in confidence. That message is so true and one that I could really stand behind. Good hair helps every woman out there achieve a better self-confidence by looking her best everyday.

More than that, working with Schwarzkopf Pro was a real honour. Their BC Bonacure line is innovative and delivers fantastic results (the best I’ve experienced so far).

Shortly after receiving that call, I was on a flight to Hamburg, Germany (where the company is headquartered) in order to model for the upcoming launch of the campaign (March 2018). When that happened, my face was pretty much all over the place. You could see me on posters at your local Schwarzkopf Pro hairstylist or on product displays in specialised outlets all across the USA. As a follow up to that, I kept receiving a constant shower of DMs from followers when they walked across an image of me. Pretty incredible, right ?!!

The best and most important part of collaborating with Schwarzkopf Pro is obviously getting the best hair of my life!. It’s been about a year since I started using the BC Bonacure line and it has become an integral part of my haircare routine. Everywhere I go, my set comes with me and seeing the results I’ve achieved, I won’t settle for anything else.

Today, I wanted to share some of my experience and routine using those products and hope that it will in turn help you achieve more confidence on your path to have the perfect hair.

  • First of, I shampoo every two or three days using Peptide Repair Rescue. I love this product because it simply leaves my hair feeling spectacular. It allows to achieve simultaneously a deep cleanse as well as a strong hydration.
  • Once I’m done with the shampoo, I’ll apply its corresponding conditioner (from the same line). I’ll leave the hair alone for a few minutes in order to allow it to take effect and move on with my bath. Once it’s done, I rinse it off the hair and put on a towel to dry my hair.
  • Once I’ve dried my hair with the towel, I apply Peptide Repair Rescue’s serum. It helps untie any hair knots and a consequence of that is that you’ll be able to brush more easily, without applying too much strain. Another great side effect, it brings a beautiful shine to your hair while making it feel smooth. Finally, it brings a great protection against heat damage as it protects your hair from temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius.
  • Finally, I’ll use Sealed Ends to protect the hair ends. That product is ideal to keep that part of the hair in check and looking healthy. It helps prevents them from splitting and by sealing them.

I hope you’ve liked my little tour of my hair routine and yes, I genuinely love to do that, especially when seeing results this great. How about you guys? What kind of steps do you take to keep your hair looking its best? Did you ever try the BC Bonacure line?