The BC Bonacure Subranges

Say Hello to Bespoke Haircare from BC Bonacure

Advanced Technology. Simple Beauty. With the launch of the new BC Bonacure range inspired by skincare technologies, every conceivable haircare need has been catered for! From creating volume, to maximising vibrancy, there is a customised solution for everyone…

For damaged, distressed hair, there’s BC Peptide Repair Rescue

When hair is damaged, it loses its vitality, and it’s no good just covering over the issue – concentrated care needs to be applied from the inside out! The secret of the BC Peptide Repair Rescue regime lies in the combined action of Cell Perfector Technology and Peptides, designed to reverse 3 years of damage in just one application! The potent formulas deeply nourish, restructure and protect the hair, for renewed elasticity, healthy-looking shine and a soft, silky feeling.

For coloured and highlighted hair, try BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze

Vibrant, true colour is guaranteed to turn heads. It’s a skilled science for an expert colourist to achieve the perfect balance of shades to suit your style and skin tone, so when you find the colour for you, you want it to last for as long as possible between salon appointments – that’s where BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze comes in. Patented pH 4.5 Balancer Technology not only seals the surface of coloured hair, but most importantly, it freezes the colour pigments deep inside the hair matrix for zero fade between salon visits!

For normal to dry hair, BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick is the range for you

When hair is dry, you can kiss goodbye to shine, elasticity and bounce… it’s difficult to manage, becomes brittle and breaks easily. This is why hair in desperate need of moisture should be treated to BC Hyaluronic Moisture Kick. The deeply hydrating Hyaluronic Technology rebalances moisture levels, improves resilience, increases shine and eliminates static, for perfectly supple, manageable hair!

For fine-to-normal hair, lacking body, volume and vitality, there’s BC Collagen Volume Boost

Increased volume and lasting body is the holy-grail for salon-goers, and now even those with fine, weak hair can enjoy a boost thanks to Collagen Technology! BC Collagen Volume Boost comes in a weightless formulation with fantastic root-lift for up to 100% improvement in volume. Hair feels fuller for up to 3 days, with added body, bounce and natural shine.

For thick, coarse, unmanageable and frizzy hair, BC Keratin Smooth Perfect is your regime of choice

Most women dream of saying goodbye to frizz, for good... but this is now a reality! For more manageable, smoother hair with long-lasting frizz control, BC Keratin Smooth Perfect is designed to let you take back control of your unruly hair, with its ultimate frizz-control formula containing Keratin Technology – minimising detangling and styling time, for easy-to-handle, smooth and shiny hair in a flash!

For fine, coarse or white mature hair, try BC Q10+ Time Restore

As we age, hair can become weak, limp, brittle or dry as the Keratin levels in each strand diminish – this is why it’s so important to treat mature hair with a specific, tailored care regime. Thanks to the Q10, BC Q10+ Time Restore immediately erases the visible signs of ageing, whilst stimulating the hair’s natural production of Keratin for outstanding resistance and improved elasticity – strengthening hair and protecting it against thinning. Rewind time with hair that looks youthful and feels rejuvenated!

And what’s more, it couldn’t be easier to get the most from new BC Bonacure; each range has been developed to follow three simple steps – Cleanse, Treat and Finish – with salon expertise at hand to guide you through your diagnosis. So which regime is your perfect fit? Find your nearest expert or use our Hair Expert Consultation Tool to find out.